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This project was developed to document the impacts of the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake

On April 16, 2016 southern Ecuador was shaken by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 650 people and injured more than 16,600 (according to the New York Times website). Since the time of the earthquake, aftershocks of lesser magnitude shook the region, some of them with magnitude greater than 6.

Two and a half months after the earthquake, the entire FLUZ team and 7 audiovisual artists went to the hardest-hit region, Pedernales, Portoviejo and Manta, where little or nothing withstood the tremor. For about a week, the artists documented the stories that the inhabitants needed to share. Quito’s Secretary of Culture set up an event called Verano de las Artes, with many cultural attractions, including the images and vídeos produced by the artists, who were documenting the recovering of the natural disaster for FLUZ project. The event main goal was to raise the awareness of Quito’s population regarding the ones who had lost everything due to this earthquake in April 2016.
This project was commissioned by Fluz project.

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